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          Since the dawn of man, our ancestors knew instinctively that gold was a special breed of elemetnt. Throughout the storied histories of innumerable world civilizations, including our own, gold has been elevated to a level of importance higher than any other material. It will never lose its luster or shine, no matter how long it is exposed to the erosive and often hostile conditions of our planet. 


          Even in our present day, gold is held in such high esteem by all countries, governments, investors, collectors, artists, and dreamers, that it has literally distinguished itself as humanity’s gold standard. With Aquaurum® Gold WaterTM, the same gold you can find embellished in the masks of pharaohs, adorned atop the head of kings, and sought after by all of mankind, you can now have at your fingertips at any time, ready to bring into your body to become one with the stellar origins from where it rained down to earth over the course of billions of years.


          The world as we know it is a hostile place for the delicate human form. We live in an ever increasingly harsh environment that takes a toll on even the most vivacious and rugged among us. We as humans are mostly composed of one of the most remarkable and extraordinary substances in the known universe, water. Our bodies need a constant supply of fresh water to keep our minds lucid and our bodies strong, free from illness and affliction. Our natural spring water gushes from the earth with special properties not found in the vast majority of fresh water on our planet. Our alkaline, filtered spring water naturally contains quintessential minerals that give it the unique ability to create an environment within us that makes it harder for environmental stressors and contagion to affect the organ systems contained within the miracle of creation we call our bodies.


          Much of what we put into our bodies, and much of what we are unknowingly exposed to on a daily basis, create an acidic environment within all of us, leading to disease, infirmness, psychological distress, hormonal imbalances, and general malaise. Drinking our naturally alkaline spring water, captured from protected natural springs, allows your body the chance to fight back against the effects of an acidic internal condition, leading to a general improvement in literallyall of our diverse bodily cycles and functions. Water truly is the lifeblood of our existence. While there are many kinds out there, Aquaurum® Gold WaterTM is the one that gives your mind and body the best chance to perform at its optimal level. Naturally occurring pH: 8.0

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